Feast market workshop

Chef Tali Friedman is welcoming you to cook with her six amazing dishes inspired by Machne Yehuda Market. See the full workshop here!

The market tour

The Mahane Yehuda Market is home to a wealth of stories from the many cultures, countries and roots that we all derive from. The city of Jerusalem attracts all types of people, languages, spices and colors that together create the globally popular “Mediterranean kitchen”. Every day that I wander the market’s lanes I discover new treasures; new ingredients that are a constant source of inspiration in my kitchen

When I started the market tours, I was the only one doing it. Today, I’m glad that in almost every market in Israel and around the world, there are culinary guides taking us back to the most important and genuine place found in big cities; the market

Our tour explores the market’s high-quality ingredients. We walk by different stalls, and collect useful kitchen tips and plenty of stories that trace our ingredients’ varied histories, and together, we learn how to choose the best seasonal produce

We’ll be eating and tasting from beginning to end, so please come hungry. The tour ends at The Atelier’s balcony, in the heart of the market, rounding off with fine wine from the Golan Heights Winery and a few other foodie surprises

Tali Friedman's Workshop

The cooking workshop is a great way to combine the fun of cooking with the vibrancy of Mahane Yehuda Market

The workshop starts with a tour of the market, either with myself or one of my guides, with special emphasis on the day’s most interesting, seasonal ingredients. We hear stories from the market’s vendors, you get useful tips and we talk a lot about food! Of course, all accompanied by plenty of tastings to sate our appetites

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After the tour, we walk up to The Atelier for the second part of the day; the cooking workshop. After soaking in the market, we get to work, accompanied with shot of alcohol and some music to get you in the mood

The group is divided into smaller teams, each preparing different parts of the menu, based on what we bought at the market. Together we create and devour an authentic Mediterranean meal accompanied by superb wines from the Golan Heights Winery. It’s important to note that the goal of the workshop is not to train you as a chef but rather to connect you to the experience and love of the kitchen and to gain tips and insights

At the end of the workshop, we’ll gather together around the table, for the last part of the day; the great feast

Private dinner and special events

When I was looking to open The Atelier, I wanted a place that would balance the clamor of the market with the bubbling atmosphere, music and food of my dining space. I found a beautiful rooftop overlooking the market that combined those elements perfectly

When planning your private event, I’m here to help you create the tailored event that you want. From an intimate chef’s meal to a glitzy concept event, I can help you achieve precisely what you’re imagining. My staff and I strive to adapt ourselves to your needs, working with a team of professional designers who uphold our philosophy of simplicity and accuracy

Besides our charming rooftop, we work with a few other locations, all full of character

Check out the video below and get an idea of what we do; our clients wished to bring the market into their company event. As I said… anything is possible.

Our chef’s meal is the most exclusive experience that we offer at The Atelier. We would be more than happy to hold your event here or at one of our lovely farm locations, or even at your home